The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) has always been empowering local young people to explore new career opportunities, breaking new ground in youth employment. In 2005, the "Youth Business Hong Kong" (YBHK) scheme has been set up, offering Hong Kong's first one-stop youth entrepreneurship services including seed money, business mentorship and support, information and networking.

Organised by the HKFYG and solely sponsored by HSBC Commercial Banking, the "HSBC Youth Business Award" (Award) was first launched in 2011 with overwhelming support over the past four years. Coming to its 5th anniversary, in order to further promote the culture and practice of entrepreneurship, HSBC Youth Business Award 2015 aims to:

recognise young enterprises that are pro-active, innovative and/or offer exceptional services
recognise the determination, creativity and accomplishments of young business enterprises
offer a platform for start-ups to exchange and enrich business knowledge
promote public recognition of the contribution made by young business enterprises to the local economy to facilitate an entrepreneurial culture