About Youth Business Hong Kong

Authorised Institution:

In 2005, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups enlisted the support of Youth Business International to help set up Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK), the first local one-stop programme to provide support to young people interested in running their businesses. By working in partnership with the local business communities, it is envisioned that YBHK will provide financial access for business start-ups and support young people through an intensive and extensive programme of business mentoring.

It is envisaged that YBHK will also help develop an entrepreneurial culture, which will benefit the entire community through actively promoting entrepreneurship as an alternative to traditional modes of employment. It is believed that entrepreneurship will enhance diversity and competitiveness for the betterment of Hong Kong's economy.

Target Group

YBHK is open to any young person between the ages of 18 and 35 years old who:

is a permanent resident of Hong Kong
has a viable business idea that will initiate within one year, OR already been running a business under own name for less than three years
demonstrates a commitment to start and run his / her own business, but has no access to seed money

4 Core Services

Providing Seed Money - A maximum of up to HK$150,000 will be provided to each successful applicant as an interest-free business start-up loan. This will be determined by the Steering Committee who approve of a viable business plan.
Giving Business Support - YBHK will provide or liaise for suitable business hardware and resources support as well as business network as required for business start-ups.
Arranging Business Mentorship and Professional Consultancy - Business mentors will be drawn from amongst fellow entrepreneurs, senior executives in corporations and industry, consultants and other professionals. They would volunteer their time, expertise and experiences, thus serve as advisors on business operations. Professional consultancy will be available from trade and industry associations and business service institutions that provide consultancy services especially for young people.
Information and Networks - YBHK will provide information on industry, trade, finance and laws as basic materials to assist in business operations, while also providing young people with access to local business networks.


YBHK Net was launched in May 2011 initiated by the young entrepreneurs of the Federation's YBHK. The goal is to connect young entrepreneurs, promoting a strong culture between them for the sake of a dynamic economy. They also seek greater global impact and increasingly fluid exchange with mainland China and beyond.

Website: ybhk.hkfyg.org.hk